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Take A Scientific Walk In The Evening, Remember These Four!

Taking a walk at night has become the choice of many people who are fond of health, and it is also one of the most important exercise ways. In fact, there are many precautions for walking, which need our attention and attention.

1. Take a walk in the evening 20-30 minutes after dinner

After dinner, the stomach is in a tense working state, so it is not suitable to exercise immediately at this time. How often can I start walking? The choice of time is mainly determined by the dinner situation. If you only eat a little digestible food for dinner, you can start walking after 20 minutes. If you eat too much food at dinner, the digestion time of food in the stomach may be prolonged, and the walking time will be postponed accordingly, otherwise it will affect the digestion of food in the stomach.

2. The best distance for walking in the evening is three to five kilometers

The length of walking distance is mainly determined by age and tolerance. If the distance is too long, it may exceed the body's load. If the distance is too short, the exercise effect of walking will not be achieved. Therefore, we suggest that for the elderly and the weak, the best distance for walking at night is about three kilometers. For young and middle-aged people with good physique, walking distance of about five kilometers is suitable.

3. Take a walk at night in an open place with good environment

The choice of walking place and route is also very important. If the environment of walking place is poor, there are many cars around, or the road surface is not smooth, it will affect the effect of walking. We suggest that you can stroll around your home and choose a safe, clean, quiet and pleasant route as your daily walking route after you are familiar with the surrounding environment. There are a large number of negative ions in the air near the lake, which is very beneficial to human health. Of course, if you don't like the unchanging scenery, you can plan several more routes, but don't walk randomly to avoid endangering your personal safety.

4. Take a walk at a moderate speed in the evening

Walking too slowly can not achieve the effect of exercise, and too fast will increase the burden on the body. Especially after dinner, it is not suitable for violent walk. If you want to choose violent walk, you should do it one hour after the end of dinner. Therefore, our walking speed at night is generally controlled at about 5-6 km / h, so that we can achieve the goal of exercise without affecting our digestion after dinner.

In short, taking a walk at night is very helpful to promote health. However, we should also choose the right time, environment, amount of exercise, etc. to take a scientific walk in this sport!

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