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Long Term Sitting Is Easy To Cause These Injuries To The Body

Nowadays, people are under great pressure in life. When they are not busy in life, they usually enjoy their leisure time at home. They usually like to lie on the sofa and watch TV or play mobile phones all day long. This is especially true for white-collar people. Although they are working, some people spend most of their time sitting at their desks, just sitting there It's several hours, but sitting for a long time will definitely affect your health. Some people will feel pain in their buttocks after sitting for a long time. In fact, sitting for a long time will cause the following injuries to your body.

1. Heart injury

As a result of sitting for a long time, the blood circulation slows down, and the heart function will decline for a long time, causing myocardial atrophy. Especially in the middle-aged and old people with arteriosclerosis, sedentary circulatory delay is most likely to induce myocardial infarction and cerebral thrombosis.

2. Injury to the mind and brain

Sitting for a long time and slowing down the blood circulation will lead to a lack of blood supply to the brain, which will damage the brain and cause mental depression, which is manifested by tiredness, mental fatigue, and dizziness and other symptoms if you stand up suddenly. Sitting too long leads to memory loss, inattention, insomnia, frequent toothache, pharyngeal dryness, tinnitus, constipation, etc.

3. Lung injury due to long sitting

Sitting for a long time will affect normal breathing, so that the lungs are often in "shallow breathing". In shallow breathing, only the alveoli in the upper half of the lung are working, and the alveoli in the middle and lower lobes are resting. For a long time, the whole lung leaves can not get effective exercise, which is easy to make the lung leaves age and the lung function gradually degenerate. It will also affect the cardiopulmonary blood supply, leading to the decline of heart and lung function. Common pulmonary diseases in the elderly, such as emphysema infection, are closely related to the reduction of lung function.

4. Sit for a long time and "hurt your bones"

When sitting for a long time, the back of the neck, shoulder and back remain in a fixed position, and the intervertebral disc and the interspinous ligament are in a state of tension and rigidity for a long time, which will lead to stiff and sore back of the neck, shoulder and back, or pitch and turn difficulties. In particular, improper sitting posture (such as continuous forward curvature of the spine), but also easy to accelerate the formation of hunchback and lead to bone hyperplasia.

As the pelvis and sacroiliac joint bear weight for a long time, it will affect the blood circulation of abdomen and lower limbs, and also easily induce constipation, hemorrhoids, joint degeneration, numbness of lower limbs, varicose veins of lower limbs and other symptoms.

5. Cause muscle atrophy

Sitting for a long time can damage the digestive system, easily lead to muscle relaxation, edema, etc. At the same time, sitting for a long time is easy to cause muscle rigidity, limb pain or numbness, and even muscle atrophy. The results showed that aging accelerated and the quality of life decreased.

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