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How Long Does Running Take To Lose Weight

Generally, running in the morning is a good way to lose weight, because running in the morning is easier for the body of the dieter to enter the state, mobilize the body fat, reduce fat accumulation, and consume more energy. But now the air quality pollution is more serious. Running in the morning is easy to inhale dust, which may have a bad impact on people's health.

In our tradition, we should take a nap after lunch. In fact, from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, the movement ability of human body reaches the peak. And at this time, the sun is abundant, the temperature is suitable, and the wind is small, which is the best time for exercise. However, it's best to exercise 1 hour after lunch, otherwise it will affect the gastrointestinal function.

Running at night is an appropriate time to lose weight. Running at night can help the food digest faster, and won't make fat accumulate in the body. But running in the evening can provide a lot of energy for running because of one day's eating, so it needs to increase the amount of exercise to be able to consume fat and achieve the effect of weight loss. In addition, running at night will make the nervous system in an excited state, so it is recommended to go to sleep one hour after running.

Method 1

  1. First, run slowly for 10 minutes, then do three groups of sit ups.
  2. Then run for 10 minutes at a speed close to your limit, and do three groups of sit ups.
  3. Finally, run at a moderate speed for 10 minutes, then do three groups of sit ups.

Principle: running at a constant speed will make muscles tired, constantly changing speed and gradient, which can make muscles excited, so as to enhance the effect of weight loss. After the exercise, the muscles become hot. At this time, doing anaerobic exercise is the most effective. If you do sit ups again, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

Note: when running, if you have spare power, you can also adjust the gradient of the treadmill according to your heart rate to increase the difficulty.

Method 2

  1. Take the first 3 laps of 400m slow running or alternating running and walking, so that the body enters a slight heat state.
  2. With the forefoot on the ground, jog for 4 laps at a moderate speed with a large step or stride, breathe and breathe, so that the exercise is in the state of aerobic energy supply.
  3. When the body enters into a slight sweating, slow down a little, touch the ground with the whole foot, and then jog for another 5 laps in the state of indolence (this period is the key period of slimming and weight loss).

Principle: long distance is mainly jogging. This kind of micro sweat long distance jogging, from the physiological point of view, in the state of micro sweat, the body energy supply will gradually change from "burning" sugar to "burning" fat. Therefore, micro sweat jogging for 5000 meters or 20 minutes or so will consume a lot of body fat, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing weight and maintaining the ideal weight.

Note: when running, you should limit yourself to your endurance, and don't force yourself.

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