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Dark Circles Reveal Health Problems

We all don't want to see black circles, so we must go to bed early and get up early to form good habits, so as to make our body healthy. Do you know how black circles are formed? In fact, they are all caused by our bad habits.

1. The black eye circle made by sneezing

Black circles may also be related to the condition of the nose. If you sneeze and run nose all year round in the morning, it will be caused by the increase of blood flow under the eyes and near the venous sinus. So if you have allergic rhinitis, it's impossible to have a black eye.

How to deal with it: in addition to actively treating your rhinitis, you should also pay attention to the following points: do not stay in an environment full of smoke and avoid additional stimulation to the nose; at the same time, pay attention not to let cold air stimulate the trachea sooner or later, and cause allergic sneezing; do not sneeze too hard, because it will compress the microvasculature of the skin.

2. Dark circles and liver

There are pigmentation on the face and around the eyes. Black circles are the external manifestations of some chronic diseases, such as chronic liver disease, especially the long-term abnormal liver function, hepatomegaly, black circles often exist for a long time. About 20% of patients with liver disease have pigmentation around the leakage site, such as face and orbit, presenting "black circles".

Methods: chronic liver diseases were mainly treated by rest and diet. It is necessary to reduce the burden of liver and provide adequate nutrition. First, repair the damaged liver cells, restore the liver function, and take in rich protein to ensure the need of liver cell repair and regeneration. It is better to eat more milk, eggs and meat; in order to meet the content of glycogen in liver cells and the needs of metabolism, carbohydrates and vitamins should be supplied adequately; at the same time, we should adhere to a low-fat diet, which can not only reduce the burden of liver, but also help to restore health.

3. Dark circles and chronic gastropathy

The dark circles will be darker, light blue and have a larger range. Chronic gastritis patients if long-term digestive function decline, gastritis repeated attacks, black circles will also aggravate. People with neurasthenia and visceral diseases, especially chronic gastrointestinal diseases, also have dark circles.

Coping methods: in addition to the treatment of chronic gastrointestinal diseases, more important care in daily life, reasonable diet, avoid overeating, and pay attention to food hygiene, can no longer give the fragile gastrointestinal extra stimulation. Regulate the gastrointestinal state, and the black eye circle will be naturally relieved.

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