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Can Lose Weight By Playing Badminton Everyday?

Do you often play badminton to lose weight? Generally speaking, badminton professional athletes are all the best. Because of this, playing badminton has become the best choice for many people who want to lose weight. So, can playing badminton really achieve the goal of weight loss?

1. Badminton can increase energy consumption

The total energy consumption of badminton is closely related to its duration. The energy consumed by human body in motion can be several to dozens of times that of sitting still. Studies have shown that long-term regular exercise can improve the basic metabolic rate in a quiet state. So, after you choose to play badminton, you should keep practicing for more than an hour every other day.

2. Badminton can promote fat decomposition and reduce its synthesis

Fat is the main oxygenated energy supply material, so it's no surprise to consume fat when playing badminton with oxygen for a long time. In addition, exercise can also reduce insulin secretion, thus inhibiting the synthesis of body fat. Because the minimum body fat should be coordinated with good health, so when playing badminton, players must pay attention to the control of their sports intensity and time.

3. Badminton can reduce body fat and improve body composition

Long term badminton exercise, especially the amount of small and medium intensity exercise, can make people lose weight, which can be proved by the fact that the body fat of excellent athletes is lower than that of ordinary people.

Generally, people who do not take part in sports, if they take systematic physical exercise, will increase their lean weight. As the weight gain of lean weight offsets the weight loss of body fat, the total weight will be slightly reduced or kept unchanged. Studies have shown that exercise can increase the energy supply of fat in a quiet state, help regulate weight, prevent fat accumulation and avoid obesity. If you lose weight only by reducing the amount of food you eat, you will lose weight, and too fast will cause dehydration.

In badminton, the muscles of shoulder, upper arm and forearm are used during the swing of upper limbs; the movement of forward and backward footwork, such as pedaling, straddling and jumping, can exercise the large muscles of buttocks, thighs and calves; the muscles of abdomen, waist and back involved in the rotation can increase the lean weight and remove the excess fat of the body. Generally speaking, badminton is very suitable for slimming and shaping.

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