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Can I Use A Treadmill To Lose Weight?

Treadmill is gradually a household necessity, and it can achieve the goal of running, weight loss and fitness at home without the limitation of outdoor running places. However, some people will worry about whether the treadmill can lose weight? What is the effect of treadmill? Which is better than outdoor running?

Treadmill vs outdoor running

In fact, the gap between outdoor running and gym running is not too big. It depends on how you choose. However, from the perspective of health and long-term exercise, running opportunities are better. In fact, the setting of the treadmill is for exercise. For example, its conveyor belt can increase the friction between the sportsman and him. The effect is better than the friction on the road outside.

Secondly, the treadmill can adjust the slope freely, and the change of the road slope can change the overall state of the runner; more intelligent, the treadmill can better detect the heart rate and monitor the heat. And outdoor running, in fact, faces the biggest problem is the air quality, and outdoor running venues are also limited, running the most total consumption of heat and fat is certainly not up to the treadmill effect.

The correct use of treadmill

  1. Walk slowly for 5 minutes, then walk fast for 5 minutes, and keep the speed between 6 km / h and 7 km / h. This ten minute warm-up exercise can help activate the body's muscles, activate nerves and prepare for the next run.
  2. Raise the gradient of the treadmill to about 10 degrees and enter the jogging stage. This setting and pace allows the calves to become more slender, while preparing for the mid run phase.
  3. Enter the middle speed running stage, speed 10 km / H-12 km / h, and keep for 15 minutes. This is the real stage of burning fat, because the glycogen stored in the body has been broken down, and the body fat begins to supplement the physical strength, so you can feel the pleasure of the fat penetrating from the skin of the abdomen, thighs and even arms!
  4. From medium speed to steady speed, the speed is 6km / h, and the speed lasts for 10min, while the gradient is correspondingly reduced. After the high-intensity exercise, the gradient will slowly decrease, the speed will slow down, and the body will gradually relax. This process of slowing down and descending can help the body recover.

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