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6 Benefits Of Regular Vegetarian Diet

You know, the smartest kid's school in the world is the Glenn Duman center in Philadelphia, USA. When children enter school at the age of four, they will have formal gymnastics, more than two languages, more than two musical instruments, and must have a long-distance running ability of more than 3000 meters, etc. In addition, all teachers and students must be vegetarian! Because their research found that "milk" and "meat" are brain damaging food! The Australian government tested children's IQ in primary schools all over the country. As a result, the most intelligent primary school is "Ananda Maca primary school", a vegetarian school!

For a long time, it has been a mistake that eating vegetarian food is not nutritious. The tallest animals, such as cattle, elephants and giraffes, are vegetarian! Ali, the boxer king, is also a member of the vegetarian family, but he uses the most force! Another wrong idea is that "eating vegetarian food is not smart". Look at the Nobel Prize winners of vegetarian food in history, Tagore, Einstein, Shaw and Schweitzer. Famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, inventors Newton, Franklin and Edison are all lifelong vegetarians!!

1. Vegetarianism can prevent cancer

According to the national gallium cancer center of the United States, eating a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of cancer such as liver cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. people who eat a large number of fruits and vegetables are half less likely to have cancer than people who don't eat them often.

The same conclusion has been drawn from domestic research: since 1984, experts have investigated the Chinese people The relationship between living habits and cancer was found that the incidence of lung cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer decreased by 75%, 60% and 40% compared with those who ate vegetables more than 14 times a week and less than 2 times a week.

2. Vegetarian diet is good for heart

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Women who eat one carrot or half a tomato a day can reduce their risk of heart attack by 22% and stroke by 70%, according to Harvard scientists. After the heart attack, fruits and vegetables are also a good medicine.

Ornish, the White House health care consultant, has done a long-term research on heart disease pathology. He found that if heart patients want to recover successfully, they must change their diet in an all-round way, that is, stop eating meat and change to a vegetarian diet! He is also a vegetarian himself.

3. Vegetarian diet can enhance immunity

Britain's best-selling book Health 100 points out that to boost immunity, experts' first advice is to eat at least five kinds of fruits and vegetables every day. Vegetarians have more immune advantages. German Cancer Research Center found that the white blood cells of male vegetarians are twice as powerful against tumor cells as male meat eaters! That is to say, as long as half of the white blood cells of meat eaters, vegetarians have the same immune function.

4. Vegetarianism makes you strong

The secular view that meat eaters are vigorous and vegetarians are weak has probably been around for thousands of years. The actual situation is just the opposite of the traditional concept: the Olympic Games is the highest level of competitive arena in the world, but it has become the place where vegetarians show their strong physique, and when they also gather together! The first Olympic Games swimming champion Maureen Ross is a vegetarian, his speed is amazing, his endurance is strong, and he is one of the most famous sportsmen The emergence of a wave of vegetarian Western athletes.

Seventeen of the world's top athletes, including Scott, who has won the triathlon Championship for six times, and Schill, a professional American football player, are all vegetarians or vegetarians. Carl Lewis, the world-famous king of sprinting, is a strict vegetarian. He recalled his sports career and said: "I found that a person can become a vegetarian without animal protein A successful athlete. In fact, my best year in track racing was because I was vegan!

5. Vegetarianism and longevity

Many studies have shown that vegetarians live longer. It's not just about diet. Vegetarianism is also good for a healthier lifestyle. After investigating the life style of vegetarians and non vegetarians, we found that vegetarians are less likely to be ill and hospitalized than meat eaters, and vegetarians are less likely to smoke, drink and often maintain a happy mood. In addition, the diet with high fiber and low fat can prevent hypertension and diabetes.

6. Vegetarianism can remove spots and beautify skin

How does meat make the red face grow old unconsciously? Meat and fish, which contain a lot of animal fat, attach to the skin cells of meat eaters together with animal protein, and promote the cells to constantly grow fat and accumulate into a falling mass. The more meat you eat, the more obvious the face is. In addition, animal food can increase the amount of uric acid and lactic acid in the blood. After the lactic acid is excreted with sweat, it will stay on the skin surface, which will constantly erode the cells on the skin surface, making the skin lose elasticity, no tension, rough and prone to wrinkles and spots. More and more meat poisons are produced in modern times, and the skin of meat eaters is becoming rougher and rougher due to the erosion of toxins in meat.

When vegetarians eat alkaline vegetable fruits and vegetables for a long time, the lactic acid in the blood will be greatly reduced. Naturally, harmful substances will not be produced and will not be discharged to the skin surface with sweat to damage the healthy skin. Vegetarianism contains a lot of vitamin E, which can make women's skin more delicate and have excellent cosmetic effect. At the same time, the minerals and fiber in the plant food can remove the harmful substances in the blood. The purified blood can play a full role in delivering enough nutrients and oxygen in the metabolism process, making all organs of the body full of life, and the skin naturally healthy, shiny, delicate and elastic.

Beauty industry all know a word, white and tender skin is to eat out. The black and white of the skin is related to the amount of melanin in the skin. American nutritionists suggest that if you want to whiten your skin, you'd better eat foods rich in vitamin C. Chemical experiments show that a series of reactions of melanin formation are mostly oxidation reactions, but when vitamin C is added, the formation of melanin can be blocked. No one of the whitening foods recommended by medical experts, such as tomato, fresh green leaf vegetables, is meat fish.

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