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5 Kinds Of People Are Most Likely To Get Cancer,It's Terrible!

As soon as many people hear the word "cancer", they immediately talk about the color change of "disease". Robert schleiber, Professor of pathology and immunology at the school of medicine, University of Washington, found that if some bad habits are maintained for 10 years, you will become a "cancer candidate", because in this 10 years, cancer cells will not only produce, but also grow, eventually attack the city and plunder the land, and invade other organs of the body.

The human body has 60-100 trillion cells. As the king of the "cell Republic", we learn to care for them, give them water when they are thirsty, proper nutrition when they are hungry, and rest when they are tired, so as to reduce their chance of turning into cancer cells.

Some experts pointed out that if we reduce the following five bad habits, we can be removed from the list of "cancer candidates".

1. Drink hot water for a long time

Many people like to make a cup of kungfu tea in their spare time, but they don't know that it's a potential risk for esophageal cancer. The reason is that scalding water can scald the esophageal mucosa, cause oral mucositis, esophagitis, etc. over time, cancer may occur.

Experts suggest that if food or drink is hot, do not swallow it hastily. The food with stuffing may not be hot outside and hot inside, so be careful when eating. Never use a straw for hot drinks.

2. Eat less fruits and vegetables

It has become a common problem for modern people that big fish and big meat are not enough and vegetables and fruits are not enough. Don't underestimate the harm this habit brings. In recent years, studies have shown that obesity is related to breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers. Second, vegetables and fruits contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and take away harmful substances. Not eating fruits and vegetables will increase the risk of colon cancer. Third, lead to vitamin deficiency.

Studies show that incidence rate of lung cancer is 7 times higher in those who do not eat carrots than those who eat carrots in large quantities. Lack of vitamin A is a great possibility for lung cancer and stomach cancer. Folic acid and vitamin B2 deficiency are important causes of esophageal cancer.

Experts pointed out that to ensure physical needs, we should eat more than 400 grams of vegetables and no more than 75 grams of meat every day, which is the size of a deck of playing cards. Poor food is the best way to stay away from cancer.

3. Often hold stool

Want to go to defecate, but work too busy to leave, or for a while can not find the toilet, can only exert efforts to hold. It's OK once and twice. If it takes a long time, there will be problems. Feces contain a variety of carcinogens, such as hydrogen sulfide, stink, cholesterol metabolites, etc., which accumulate in the intestine for a long time, will be repeatedly absorbed and stimulate the intestinal mucosa. According to the investigation, lack of time to defecate has become the main reason for many young people suffering from colorectal cancer.

Experts suggest that we must seize the most convenient time of the day, one is shortly after getting up in the morning, the other is after eating. It usually lasts only a few minutes. Once missed, it's hard to catch it. I really don't have time to defecate in the morning, so I can adjust to a more free night. After supper, take a walk, massage the abdomen clockwise, and then go to squat in the toilet regularly, no matter if you have any bowel movement. Generally 3-5 minutes without defecation, should give up, do not stay in the toilet for a long time to read books and newspapers.

4. Do not sleep at night

A lot of people have to stay up late to work overtime because of work; others are fashionable and go to pubs every day, becoming "party animals" in the daytime and at night. More than 1000 cancer patients aged 30-50 from all over the world were studied by the British scientific cancer research center. It was found that 99.3% of them stayed up late all the year round and didn't rest until early in the morning.

Experts pointed out that staying up late will cause the disorder of biological clock on the one hand, and on the other hand, the night light will destroy the formation of melatonin in the human body, which is an important part of protecting the immune function of the human body. Without it, leukemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer and so on will come to you. It's better not to stay up more than 12 o'clock. If you work overtime until early in the morning, you'd better find a room with curtains and blackout cloth to sleep. The dark environment helps to generate melatonin in your body.

5. Sit down and don't want to move

I sit on the couch all day at work and don't want to move when I go home. Don't think the harm of sedentary is just to hurt the cervical vertebra and spine.

German experts pointed out that the number of human immune cells increases with the increase of activity, and the number of immune cells in sedentary human body decreases, greatly increasing the risk of cancer; Japanese medical experts found that most patients with gastric cancer usually eat too saturated and sedentary. According to American research, sedentary people are 40% - 50% more likely to suffer from colon cancer than those who often exercise. Men are also prone to prostate cancer. Experts pointed out that every two hours of work, we must get up and move for more than 15 minutes.

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